Automation ERP, inc.


Shipping Optimizer Plug-in How do companies choose the most cost effective shipping method for each scenario without spending valuable time researching the options?   The plug-in will utilize information from the sales and distribution or transportation management modules, depending on a customer's configuration, and reach out and provide the most cost and time affective shipping options. 

SAP Connector- Based on the standards provided by SAP, Automation ERP has developed an Output Management Systems for SAP. It is geared towards third party logistics and manufacturers where output is required for barcode labels and forms. It uses PrinterOn’s cloud based printing solutions removing the need for expensive VPN’s or dedicated lines.  View Product Brochure

Automation Toolbox- The Automation Toolbox is a set of application and interfaces that allow business owners to map physical real world events to business process without the need for custom development. It is a message based mapping application developed mostly in ABAP with a thin java interface that allows for an infinite number of real world devices such as PLC’s or RFID equipment.